Zen Yoga in English


I am also a Zen Yoga instructor. I studied this unique yoga style in London directly from my Master who lived 20 years in Japan among monks. He brought this yoga style to the UK from Japan. He was taught in India from Sri Pattabhi Jois, China and Japan.


This yoga style was influenced by the indian and the chinese tranditions. Before finally arriving in Japan, this yoga philosophy travelled through several Easter countries. The monks used yoga to prepare their bodies for the meditation position. Such as the Asanas, being similar to the Hatha Yoga with some changes in it. Zen Yoga is part of the Zen culture where we dedicated to reach the mindfulness state. Like every element of the Zen culture, Zen Yoga also aims to reach the enlightenment and what Japan they use it for is the breathing. As you quite your mind and focus on your breathing you get into the present moment and learn how to discipline your mind. With practise after learning the postures and able to focus on belly breathing you feel immediately the mediatative properties of this amazing Yoga style.


Tha class consists of various relaxation techniques where we immediately start to relax the muscles bringing the awareness to them and focusing the mind inward from the outside World. The Asanas thoroughly move your body in parts where a strong energetic cleansing happens. During every class you will learn new kinds of stress relief and breathing techniques, relaxation or meditation so you can properly relax from the busy World, find serenity and peace.


Yoga in English

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