Crystal Therapy in English

Are you looking for balance in your life, harmony just you don't know where to start? 
Your would need for some extra rest, extra time to relax to leave this busy World behind?
Your are at the right place and the answer might be Crystals for you!
I am a qualified Crystal Therapist offering Crystal Healing treatment to everybody who is overwhelmed with stress, feel scattered a bit and need some deep relaxation. I am dealing with esoteric science for about 15 years including self healing with different techniques. I am aspired to help on people to find their balance between their body, mind and soul. 
Crystals are perfect tools for deep relaxation so we can find the way to your emotional healing with them.
About Crystals
Crystals harness ancient energy from deep within the earth. Gemstones and minerals have always held a fascination for humans and have been believed to have healing qualities at many times and in many cultures, from ancient Egyptians to Native Americans.
Most of the Spiritually developed cultures had their own sacred crystals. 
Crystals, like plants, have their own frequency.  When they are placed in our energy fields, their frequency mingles with the frequency of our energy field, thus dispersing any blockages or negative energies.  Helping clear, heal and repair our auras – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 
Science explains how but in simple words… Like us, crystals and stones are made of minerals, vibrating atoms and molecules. Every single thing in the Universe is made of energy. Our body responds to the connection with corresponding frequencies and minerals that enhance its beauty and healing.  When you hold or meditate with a crystal, it creates a very real shift in your energy and physical body. This shift can help you to achieve your goal, as simple as relaxing, quieting your mind, or releasing trauma or stress generating physical ailments. This is the process of crystal healing.
Regular treatments helps to clear your mind, help you to focus better in life.
Help you to stay relaxed and allow you to connect with your inner strength, release negative thoughts, and let go of stress, anger, fear etc. Healing Crystals and Gemstones are one of the most profound, beautiful, mystical "energy medicine" tools. Crystals bring amazing benefits to the healing arena.
What to expect on the treatment
During a typical crystal session you will remain fully clothed.  
I will then place crystals around your body and in your aura.  I work intuitively.  The crystals themselves are chosen for their colour, chemical composition, atomic structure and overall physical form, all of which have varying properties which all change the way they influence your energy. 
A typical session will run for approximately 1 hour.  During which time I will carry out an initial consultation, identifying your needs and expectations from the session.  And also give you some feedback and answer any questions you may have at the end of the session.
Agnes Szigeti
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